This page contains instructions and information that will be relevant to you in the coming weeks. Please read it carefully.


+ Objectives of the Program (all variants)

  • Understand the basics and theory of conflicts
  • Apply methods and tools based on case studies
  • Improve competence and ability to solve own conflicts
  • Improve your own mental health and prevent burnout
  • Improvement of participant's well-being
  • Reduction of participant's stress level
  • Improvement of participant's self-efficacy

+ Duties of the Participants (distance learning)

  • Participation in group discussin on weekly fixed times
  • Preparation of problems and exercises
  • Repeating measurement of well-being, stress level, and self-efficacy
  • Working out the program content on a weekly basis
  • Timely agreement of individual consultations
  • A Minimum of 75 percent in weekly learning exames

+ Study Materials (distance learning)

The program participant is provided with reading material every week, which is the basis for discussions, media content and individual sessions. The reading material can either be read directly on the screen or can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out.

+ Learning Videos (distance learning)

The program participant will be provided with video files or internet links for video files, which will be used to deepen the knowledge and to prepare for discussions and performance appraisal.

+ Group Discussions (distance learning)

The program participant will be provided with discussion options that serve to deepen the course content. Participation in the discussions is mandatory for each participant and takes place on fixed dates via Skype.

+ Individual VideoChats (distance learning)

Depending on the program week, the program participant has access to psychological counseling via VideoChat (Skype), in which he / she develops private concerns and content. Not every week individual consultations take place. The appointment for the individual consultation takes place via the coordination with the JagtheCoach support (

+ Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation in the program will be subject to repetition questions, which will be used for the purpose of learning control and decide on the issue of a certificate of participation at the end of the course. Of the questions asked from the course content, 75 percent must be answered correctly and completed within the given time (7 weeks).

+ Measurement of Change

In the first week of the program, the pre-test for self-efficacy, well-being and stress is carried out. By means of online questionnaire the status quo is raised. After completion of the 7th week this online questionnaire has to be answered again (repeated measurement). The purpose is to test the individual change in the self-efficacy, well-being and stress levels of the participant.

+ Program Schedule - Conflict I (24 Units)

Week 1 Conflicts & Stress (3,75 Units)
Week 2 Avoidance & Cognitive Attitude (3,5 Units)
Week 3 ABC Model & Neurology (3,25 Units)
Week 4 Distortion & Metaphors (3,5 Units)
Week 5 Conflict Lens Model & Filter (3,25 Units)
Week 6 Power (3,5 Units)
Week 7 Conflict Styles (3,25 Units)

In the marked weeks an individual videochat of 15 minutes takes place


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