Change your conflict Behavior SUSTAINABLY

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+ Description

Do you think that your employees do not need conflict training because they do not have conflicts? Scientific surveys disprove this view. Currently, each of your staff has more than three conflicts, and 80% of the workforce do not know how to deal with a conflict. This leads to lazy compromises or chronic conflicts, which permanently weaken the resilience of your employees.
With the program "JagtheCoach® - Conflict Competence 4.0", we offer a program to learn conflict competence and undergo a sustainable behavioral change in conflict situations, in a long-term and sustainable form. The contents of the program are developed in a balanced mix of group work in the virtual classroom, individual work and accompanying individual work. This program stands for the exception of the rule that good quality must be expensive. Like all iGumps products, JagtheCoach® stands for the supply of scientifically founded, high-quality and affordable products to enable access to mental health for everyone. Conflict Competence is a Level 1 burnout prevention program.

+ Participants

This training was developed for employees, self-employed persons, executives, trainers and instructors and serves to minimize or eliminate destructive conflicts as biopsychosocial risk sources for mental health.

+ Content

Based on the concept of cognitive behavioral training, this platform delivers the course material on a weekly basis, moderated discussions and live calls. You will learn the new skills in practical examples within 12 weeks.

+ Availability

JagTheCoach® is available 24/7 in high quality and mobile form. Contact us now and find out more!

+ Benefits

-Sustainable change of behavior
-Curated and structured modules
-Practical exercises and videos
-Live coaching via Skype
-Measurable results

At the moment all programs are held in German language. 

* For the complete program excl. VAT for EUR 999, - per user