+ The Jaguar

In mythology, the Jaguar has always been well-known, as a protector when people steer their minds inward to experiences themselves or others in development. Through scientifically developed, high-quality programs and hand-picked coaches, JagtheCoach® also provides a secure framework for experiencing an inner development. The Jaguar can survive in the jungle by his fearfulness, his reputation as a predator, and his unique abilities. The special abilities necessary to survive in our human jungle are learned through the JagtheCoach® programs. As a predator, the Jaguar is fast, efficient and goal-oriented, attributes that are also applied to the programs of JagtheCoach®. JagtheCoach® thus offers the Jaguar for the human resource.

+ iCBT as method

Cognitive behavioral training is based on the psychotherapeutic interventions of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It takes into account the way people think, act and feel. CBT is designed to deliver a more healthier way in thinking, acting and feeling. Worldwide, CBT is seen as the most efficient and effective way for solving work-related stress. iGumps R&D offers this method web-based and shortened, so that the care time is reduced to half, with the same result. The web-based method is called iCBT and is evidence based.

The most important difference to other forms of prevention is the help for self-help. CBT/iCBT is a practical method in which the participant is heavily involved. The user will find out for himself/herself what works well why he/she feels as he/she feels. Due to the strong involvement and the support over 12 weeks (24 units) a sustainably change in thinking, feeling and acting can be achieved.

CBT is about linking thinking with behavior and deciding which behavior to change. It is particularly effective when it comes to solving everyday problems that affect people in the workplace. Many people do not get the different emotions that come up all day long.

We have a learned a kind of automatism when it comes to deciding what to wear, how to wash, how to get ready in the morning and much more. Everyone knows just half of time what he/she feels. During the other part of our day we are not sure what what emotion we feel and what it has triggered. The identification of emotions can be difficult, but only by recognizing your emotions you can change them.

Memories and experiences that have been collected in the past affect today's emotions. As part of the iCBT, you become aware of your emotions and thoughts. Those who influence you throughts experiences and experiences until today. The first step starts with a YES.

+ Health care versus training

We know pretty well from practice training courses that one gets theoretical knowledge on a topic and does some practical exercises, but when he/she gets back to work, the behavior does not change sustainably. What is the reason? The reason for this is that people have trained themselves over many years to generate the behavior they have. In a situation, e.g., when a conflict affects them personally, they can not remember their theoretical knowledge. They behave as before the training was useless.
Conventional training is inappropriate for health care, and it's not just because a trainer can not do CBT/iCBT with you. Our psychological counselors are specifically on CBT/iCBT and assist you in personal videochats.

+ Voluntary and individual

When developing our programs, it was and is important to us to accompany you in your individual and voluntary change of behavior, which you can apply immediately after the training in practice. Even if you are personally and emotionally involved in the topic, we give you the opportunity to change your behavior and you will already notice during training how your environment adapts to the new behavior. Only when you change your behavior, the the outcome of the current situation will change. Cognitive behavioral change is a globally recognized and most efficient method.

+ The target of JagtheCoach®

The goal of the JagtheCoach® is to meet the globally accepted guidelines of the American Psychology Association (APA), covering the stages of primary and secondary prevention measures in the European area. Primary prevention measures include all programs that minimize or eliminate biopsychosocial risk sources. Secondary preventive measures, on the other hand, already include programs that allow the identified risk group to understand and deal with biopsychosocial risks.

+ The vision of JagtheCoach®

JagtheCoach® deals with Mental Health. According to WHO, Mental Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being. A team of more than ten international, experienced and highly praised psychologists have been developing scientific, high-quality, affordable, accessible mobile programs to achieve and maintain mental health at all times.

Primary Prevention (iCBT)

Primary Prevention Programs

Programs that are suitable for everyone and connect web-based self-study with coaching psychology

Available Q2 2019 in English

+ Stress Prevention 4.0

We all know stress. We experience it in different ways, in different strengths, every day. For example, when we are confronted with expectations that bring us to the limit of our abilities, we feel stressed. One of the biggest sources of anxiety and stress is our work. Even if we choose to do a less stressful job, we will hardly find one. Therefore, it makes more sense and more practical to acquire effective strategies to help us manage stress better and reduce anxiety. Handling company's policy, demanding clients or supervisors, the possibility not getting the job or the bonus, too much work in too little time, a lack of clarity in the performance of activities, and finally the fear of getting fired triggers stress in each one of us. In addition, most people are in jobs that they do not love. If you love what you do, you are one of the few exceptions. There are many reasons to stay in a job that you do not like most of the time. The figuratively described "Golden Handcuffs" consisting of salary, status, prestige, fringe benefits, and other perks may tie us to a job that makes us unhappy.

The alternative would be to find a job that you like and that fits better to your talents, abilities, skills, and interests. As I said, it is far more difficult than described here. Many of us have no idea which job suits them best. In addition, we often lack access to important information. We have no possibility to find out what kind of venture could make us happy until we start working in it and experience all the negative and positive sides ourselves. Ultimately, however, it is also an effort to look for a new job. Laziness, the fear of rejection, and the effort required to do so often leave us in the jobs where we are unhappy and stressed.

Misunderstandings in the adaptation of corporate culture and norms in combination with the attitude-related behavior of clients, supervisors, colleagues, and employees lead in most cases to interpersonal conflicts. Office intrigues, rumors and nepotism are the most aggressive stressors. Conflicts, misunderstandings and disagreements with colleagues, supervisors and employees are usually not taken seriously and postponed. But "a conflict already exists as soon as a person perceives the arising frustration in himself or in the other person". To tell the truth, the cases of workplace violence, personal harassment and workplace bullying are becoming more global. Sometimes it's race, age, sexual orientation or physical disability that leads to conflict. But much more often than through physical or sexual differences, conflicts arise through different views and attitudes, as well as a different view of morality.

How we think about events affects our emotions and stresses in the negative case. It does not matter if it is the customer who is not paying, the employee who is unfriendly to the customer, or just the partner who does not understand the many working hours. As soon as you change your thinking, your emotions change as well. Since this is a medium-term process, the JagtheCoach® program accompanies you over a period of 12 weeks with a flexible and web-based process.

Whether you are struggling with problems in the workplace, or just want to educate yourself, Conflict Competence 4.0, as a primary prevention is for everyone, even without current burnout or stress symptoms.

+ Description

Do you think that your employees do not need conflict training because they do not have conflicts? Scientific surveys disprove this view. Currently, each of your staff has more than three conflicts, and 80% of the workforce do not know how to deal with a conflict. This leads to lazy compromises or chronic conflicts, which permanently weaken the resilience of your employees.
With the program "JagtheCoach® - Conflict Competence 4.0", we offer a program to learn conflict competence and undergo a sustainable behavioral change in conflict situations, in a long-term and sustainable form. The contents of the program are developed in a balanced mix of group work in the virtual classroom, individual work and accompanying individual work. This program stands for the exception of the rule that good quality must be expensive. Like all iGumps products, JagtheCoach® stands for the supply of scientifically founded, high-quality and affordable products to enable access to mental health for everyone. Conflict Competence is a Level 1 burnout prevention program.

+ Participants

This training was developed for employees, self-employed persons, executives, trainers and instructors and serves to minimize or eliminate destructive conflicts as biopsychosocial risk sources for mental health.

+ Content

Based on the concept of cognitive behavioral training, this platform delivers the course material on a weekly basis, moderated discussions and live calls. You will learn the new skills in practical examples within 12 weeks.

+ Availability

JagTheCoach® is available 24/7 in high quality and mobile form. Contact us now and find out more!

+ Benefits

-Sustainable change of behavior
-Curated and structured modules
-Practical exercises and videos
-Live coaching via Skype
-Measurable results

Secondary Prävention (iCBT)

Seconday Prevention Programs

Programs that are suitable for a defined risk group and that combine web-based self-study with coaching


Please note that our programs are available only in German - translations in English and other languages will be available shortly.

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